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In fact, some of the biggest corporations, educational institutes, and government agencies on the planet host NLP training courses for top executives in:

 • IBM 

 • American Express  

 • Apple Computer  

 • Merrill Lynch  

 • Mercedes Benz 

 • BMW 

 • NASA 

 • The FBI 

 • The U.S. Army 

 • The University of Houston Law Center 

 • University of Southern Florida 

 • …hundreds upon hundreds more

The problem is that, even though NLP training is available to everyone, there are only a few certified experts throughout the world legally allowed to teach it.

And, those experts usually charge HUGE prices, which is why only big corporations, education institutes, and government agencies can afford to hire them for training.

Well, that is until now…

It’s called NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). Although this term was developed in the early 1970s by University of California, Santa Cruz Psychology Student, Richard Bandler, and Associate Professor of Linguistics, John Grinder, the fact of the matter goes back hundreds upon hundreds of years.

In the past, this knowledge was something that was kept within royal ranks or within the banking and business elite.

Kings knew it, Banking families knew it, industry titans knew it – but they didn’t dare share it with just anybody. They “kept it within the family”.

It wasn’t until the early 1970s that John Grinder and Richard Bandler got together and, take hundreds of years of information in social theory and psychology, with the help of mathematics and computer software algorithms, to created a system where anybody – including you – can learn these ancient techniques for guaranteed success, no matter who you are.



Who Uses NLP Today? 

So, What Exactly is This Secret "Mental Technique" of The World's Top Performers?



Police Interrogators/ FBI Profilers

Social Workers/ Teachers


Because we are giving away the full 3 Hours NLP MasterClass (Valued at $992) For Free!

"The programme has clarified my goals and put them into action. It has also provided me with the NLP tools as my resources and the programme has helped me removed my limiting beliefs in entirety. Cayden is also passionate in everyone's life and is concerned about having everyone to apply what have been learnt in achieving goals."

- Lim Cheng Ho, Insurance Advisor

"It is the one programme which I would recommend friends to attend. Given a choice of many other certifications I have already attended, this is the best life course! Thank you Cayden for the best life teaching. The tools are valuable and no money can buy with Cayden's gracious teaching."

- Serene Ng, Senior Engineer

What Our Past Students Have To Share With You

"Given A Choice Of Many Other Certifications I Have Already Attended, This Is The Best Life Course!"

"...The Programme Has Helped Me Removed My Limiting Beliefs In Entirety"

I am sharing all these not because I want to brag. But I want to share that how NLP techniques have helped my turned my life around, in a new NLP masterclass that I've designed specially for Singaporeans.

Singapore's Only Certified NLP Trainer -- CAYDEN CHANG

My name is Cayden Chang. I am the Director and Founder of Mind Kinesis Management International LLP. I received his Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer’s license from Dr John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll (International Trainers Academy of NLP).

Holding 2 Bachelor degrees and a Masters' Degree in E-Business from the Business School of the National University of Singapore — and being certified by NLP co-creator Dr. John himself — I have received multiple accolades, including the Lifelong Learners Award in 2008 from the Minister of Manpower Mr Gan Kim Yong, for my work in transformation education. 

I was also featured in the Straits Times in a full-page article on how I managed to my life around despite going though family pain and a bout of cancer...

In September 2014, I survived terminal stage Renal Cancer (Stage 4) and launched my 2nd book titled “The Book of Hope: One Man’s Journey Facing Cancer As A Young Husband, Father And Entrepreneur” to raise funds for cancer research. 

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) will allow you to…

Instantly build rapport and trust with anybody they meet  

Create comfort and positive emotions within everyone they meet  

Make people instantly trust and respect them 

Sell anything to anybody without having to convince them to buy it (seriously) 

Remove bad, or harmful personal habits that inhibit success 

Install “positive behaviors” into their mind, permanently removing stress, doubt, and anxiety 

Speak perfectly in public, convincing people to take action 

Eliminate limiting belief systems 

Remain constantly motivated to succeed, even in the face of failure and adversity 

 …much more’ 

Now, you may be reading along and realizing how incredible your life will become when you learn this information... but worried that it might break the bank! 


You might be guessing that our masterclasses normally go for hundreds of dollars, you'd be right...

Except that, for a short time only, we are offering this masterclass absolutely FREE


That's right, you'll be getting the full 3-hour Masterclass for absolutely no charge — but there are only 47 spots available! 


It's first-come-first serve only, and the doors will close as soon as 47 people take advantage of this offer.


8th Dec 2017 (Fri), 7.15pm - 10pm

3rd Jan 2017 (Wed), 7.15pm - 10pm (Last One)


 3 Shenton Way #03-03/04, 

Shenton House, Singapore 068805

You Have All To Gain And Nothing To Lose

Secure Your Seat Now And Write Your Own Success Story Now!

 This Masterclass is NOT a Motivational Talk

Please Read This

If you’re only looking to get motivation, I suggest you to go the library and borrow some self-help books.

And if you’re not going to empty your cup and learn with an open mind, then please leave the tickets for someone else who will benefit more from it.

This is NOT for people who are looking for overnight success without even putting in any effort. You won’t find it here.

This also is NOT for people who are going to abuse the techniques to manipulate others.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) has the power to make others do things they wouldn’t normally do. And if you’re intending to use the techniques in unethical ways, please do not come.

I’d love to share the details with you, but only if you sign up right away.

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